Monday, December 05, 2005

The Center for Christian Statesmanship

Although this site may seem out of place to some who use this blog, the CCS is a vital part of changes being made in Washington, DC. Therefore, the website is a family resource well worth taking the time to visit -- and use to learn more about those who seek to honor God while serving American citizens. The Center was the brainchild of Rev. D. James Kennedy and members of this staff. They openly encourage members of Congress and their staff through three main principles: 1) Spiritual Outreach, 2) Ministry Training and 3) Restoring a Vision. The primary goal is to "reestablish the principles and practices of Christian statesmanship so prevalent at the birth of our nation." Pray for our nation and its leaders -- and visit the Center for Christian Statesmanship to learn more about what's going on with Christian values in Washington, DC.

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